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Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire stands as the ultimate party card game. Immerse yourself in the captivating world crafted by Inga Ziemele, renowned for her dynamic and vibrant style! 

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Setting up & Gameplay

ROF animated GIFBefore setting up the game, make sure every player has a drink. Place the Ring of Fire Cup in the middle of your playing area, and spread the cards face down, evenly around the Cup to form the Ring. Make sure there are no gaps. 

Players draw one card at a time from the Ring, going clockwise in turn. Each card presents an action that must be carried out, with five Fire Cards in there to mix things up!

However, be careful: if a player draws a card and breaks the Ring in doing so, they must down their drink.

The game ends when a player draws the 4th and final King, then they have to down the contents of the cup.


2 is YOU.
Nominate someone to drink.
3 is ME. You drink.
4 is FOCUS. Have a staring contest with another player. The loser drinks.
5 is THUMB MASTER. Place your thumb on the edge of the table at any given time. Everyone must follow. The last player to do so drinks.
6 is SINGLE. Drink if you're single.
7 is HEAVEN. Point your finger to the sky at any given time, everyone must follow. The last player to do so drinks. You can continue this until the next 7 is drawn.
8 is MATE. Pick a mate. Every time you drink they have to, and vice versa.
9 is RHYME. Say any word, and the player clockwise must come up with a word rhyming with it. This continues around the circle until a player fails. They then have to drink.
10 is CATEGORIES. Choose a topic that each player, in turn, must relate a word to. This continues around the circle until a player fails. They then have to drink.
J is RULE. Make a rule for all to follow until the next Jack is drawn. Any who fail to comply must drink.
Q is QUESTION MASTER. Try to get players to answer your questions. If they do so, they drink. If they respond 'Fuck you Question Master', you drink/ You can continue this until the next Queen is drawn.
K is POUR. Pour some of your drink into the Cup unless you draw the 4th and final King.
A is WATERFALL. The cardholder starts to drink, and the players must drink continuously until the cardholder stops.
JOKER is LIGHTWEIGHT. Give this card to a lightweight. They can use it once as a skip card. 

Fire Cards

The game features five different special cards (as seen below) to really bring the heat! A player can only play one special card per turn at the beginning of their turn, aside from special cards that are played outside of a turn. Players cannot play a special card in response to a special card, and cannot ask for a special card.

ROF special card GIF

MOLOTOV COCKTAIL. Pour a shot amount of everyone's drink into your own cup.
FIREFIGHTER. Pick a player of your choice to down a glass of water.
LAVA. The floor is lava! The last player to get off the floor drinks.
FIRE ALARM. Set a five minute timer. Who­ever is playing when the alarm rings has to down their drinks.
PYROMANIAC. Pick up and play another three cards from the Ring. Good luck.


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