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Kooky Cats

Kooky Cats | Tabletop Game

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Fully funded on Kickstarter

Kooky Cats is a cat collecting card game featuring over 50 quirky and close-knit cats brought to life by Jean Jullien in his second collaboration with us 🐈

It’s a bit like Happy Families meets Go Fish, but where all the fish have been eaten by cats, and instead of being happy, the families are all a bit bonkers.

Feline-fanatical, fun-filled and family-friendly, this pick up and play game takes minutes to learn for hours of entertainment.

What's included?

The game contains 55 cards (12 Cat-egories and 7 Special Cards), 12 Kooky Tokens, The Cat That Got The Cream face card, and a rules pamphlet.

Details & Features

Made and designed in Europe, the cards are poker-sized with a quality Superlux finish, and the Kooky Tokens are a heavy resin with play-resistant stickers – all held within a premium silk-finished box.

How to play

The game features twelve groups, or Cat-egories as we like to call them, each consisting of four cats with the same distinguishing features.

To win, you want to collect the most complete Cat-egories before the game ends. However with Special Cards and Kooky Tokens thrown in the mix, things might not always go to plan…

About Jean Jullien

Jean Jullien is a world-famous French illustrator who has worked with the likes of Vogue, New York Times and Amnesty International. Capturing the quirks of life, in all their fun and fascinating forms – Jean's joyous doodling and humorous style is instantly recognisable to all of his fans.

Discover more of their work @jean_jullien