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Playing Cards

The Charlie Oscar Patterson Collection

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Distinctive and stylish, discover our unique deck of luxury playing cards, exquisitely illustrated by London-based artist Charlie Oscar Patterson. 

Featuring striking forms and vivid colours, this gorgeous deck mirrors the artist’s fascination with minimalist and abstract art movements. Showcase Charlie Oscar Patterson’s sophisticated collection at your next games evening.

What's included?

2x collectable playing card decks made up of 55 playing cards. Each deck features 5 stunning abstract artworks by Charlie Oscar Patterson.

Details & Features

Printed on standard Bridge size playing cards, in a superluxe linen finish.

About Charlie Oscar Patterson

Charlie Oscar Patterson's artwork is rooted in his fascination with colour and minimal forms. Inspired by his background in Graphic Design at the Chelsea College of Art & Design, his work is distinctive in its clear structural and gridded approach. Paired with his treatment of colours as musical notes, his style makes for sophisticated and striking art pieces.

Discover more of their work @charlieoscarpatterson