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Playing Cards

The Virginnywinny Collection

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Play card games in seasonal style with our beautifully designed deck, illustrated by the talented Virginnywinny. These luxury playing cards feature risograph printed illustrations, depicting the seasons of Spring and Autumn. 

Virginnywinny uses the cyclical nature of the seasons as a metaphor for the ups and downs in life, creating a striking set of illustrated cards.

What's included?

2x collectable playing card decks made up of 55 playing cards. Each deck features 6 stunning risograph artworks by Virginnywinny.

Details & Features

Printed on standard Bridge size playing cards, in a superluxe linen finish.

About Virginnywinny

Virginnywinny is a Hong Kongese illustrator and graduate from the world-renowned Central Saint Martins College of Art. Inspired by observations, stories, and reflections of the human condition; she uses visualisation as a tool to help navigate her thoughts and turn complex ideas into interesting and engaging ones.

Discover more of their work @virginnywinny